Personal Nutrition plan

  • Money back guarantee within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the functioning of nutrition plan
  • A balanced diet according to the needs of the client
  • No crash dieting
  • Delivery of the nutrition plan 7 working days of payment
  • Individual nutrition plan

    How do I make a meal plan?

    The menu is compiled on the basis of a detailed questionnaire, where I find out:

  • What is your goal and what does your diet look like now?

  • How much do you move now and what is your lifestyle?

  • What foods you don't eat and what foods you like.

  • What foods do you have allergies or intolerances to?

  • How many meals you want to eat during the day.

  • The questionnaire will be sent to your e-mail after payment, and I will send you a customized menu within seven days of filling it out. In addition, you have the option to have the menu adjusted twice for free within two months of receipt.

    How does the nutrition plan work?

    I will send you a detailed questionnaire by email, or I will learn everything about you during the consultation, if you have ordered it.

    I'll analyze your answers and get down to making a menu.

    Within seven days, I will create a customized menu based on your answers.

    Within two months of receiving the menu, you can have it adjusted twice for free. So, for example, if you start exercising more, you can have your diet adjusted to match the increased energy needs.

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