I've been working on myself since I was 14 - in the past I've been involved in hockey, bodybuilding, fitness and the last 6 years CrossFit and weightlifting. My nutrition is also messed up. I will be happy to pass on my experience to you if we work together.


 It doesn't matter your weight, physique or experience. With me, you don't have to worry about the gym, even if you're overweight and short of breath every time you walk up the stairs. The most important thing is that you decided to change! I will gladly be your guide and give you the motivation and support you need on the way to a better body.

If you have a friend or there are more of you, it is not a problem to train the whole group at the same time.

If you don't need a personal trainer and just need to set up a training plan according to your goal, I'm here for you.

I will advise you on how to adjust your current diet or create a menu tailored to your goals.

Start working on your body