Who I am and why I practice

Osobní trenér Ladislav Suchanek
Osobní trenér Ladislav Suchanek

My name is Ladislav Suchánek and I have been dealing with shaping the figure, improving physical condition and everything related to it for almost 20 years. During that time, I went through many strength and volume training parts, as well as those aimed at reducing weight and shaping the figure.

Although today I think I can call myself an experienced exerciser and I hold official certificates from courses accredited by the Ministry of Youth, Education and Sports, I have never forgotten my beginnings. Of course, even I was not able to avoid many mistakes in the beginning, often as a result of listening to various "guaranteed advice" from the Internet, so my initial steps were only very gradual. To this day, I'm surprised that I didn't get injured then and even more that, despite the initial meager results, I didn't lose the drive that I can pass on to you today.

As a result of my experiences, I realize how important it is, especially in the beginning, to have an experienced partner at your disposal who will tell you what, how and when to do and who will support you in moments when you might feel like throwing up the whole exercise and continue to comfortably gain unnecessary pounds on your favorite couch. But you don't have to be afraid, I will never leave you alone and I will rejoice together with you about the results we will achieve together...


Hydratace neboli zavodnění organismu je ta nejpodstatnější věc, kterou by měli vytrvalci v oblasti výživy řešit. Na nedostatek tekutin během sportu totiž nelze natrénovat a už malý pokles množství vody v těle může mít vliv na sportovní výkon.

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