Initial consultation - ascertaining the client's goal and motivation

  • InBody input and output measurements

  • 30 personal training sessions

  • Diagnostics of the musculoskeletal system

  • Online training plans

  • Setting a goal and a sports challenge that you may have dreamed of all your life, and we will help you achieve it

  • Analysis of current eating habits

  • Development of an individual nutrition plan

  • Buying food will guide you to choose the right food with regard to your goal

  • Nutritional coaching - 24/7 service where the client sends photos of all meals via viber/whatsapp with subsequent feedback and with the aim of teaching and understanding the client about a healthy lifestyle

  • Evaluation of your transformation

This is the most comprehensive program I can offer you. The program includes 90 days of full daily concentration on the client. We first meet with the client in a personal meeting, where we get to know him better, clarify his goal and what motivates him to this program.

Subsequently, I will ask the client to draw up a schedule for his normal day, a breakdown of his training or sports workload and eating habits (what and how much he eats, how often he eats, if he has allergies or intolerances to certain types of food, what he likes and dislikes about food or food or does not take medication that could have possible contraindications with something).

I am happy to help the client find a sporting challenge outside of his normal activities, such as what he wished he could do as a child or what he wishes to do now, whether it is preparing for his first marathon, spartan race, first fitness competitions, climbing walls, climbing on the rope, do the first pull-up on the trapeze and others.

After that, I order the client to be measured on the inbody device, on the basis of which I get, for example, detailed information about body composition, distribution of muscle mass, information about subcutaneous and visceral fat or basal metabolism, etc. You can find out more detailed information on the website www.inbody.cz.

After that, I will meet with the client at another personal meeting, where we will analyze all the information sent, analyze in detail the history of his sports and training activities, the history of eating habits, or diets that the client has already tried. Subsequently, I will easily introduce the client to the basics of macro and micro nutrition and we will go grocery shopping with him, where I will help him choose the right foods with regard to his goal and we will teach him to navigate the labels (composition and nutritional value) of individual foods. I will also ask about his health status, whether it is limited movement, joint pain, high blood pressure and others.

From now on, I am in contact with the client 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via viber or whatsapp.

During the program, I meet the client 2-3 times a week for training. With his goal in mind, I create a training plan for him for the rest of each week. The client sends photos of all the meals he eats during the day with our subsequent feedback. I interactively educate the client in the given issue, I send him various food tips or news in the field of nutrition. I help with the selection of food in a restaurant, when the client sends us a menu or a link to the restaurant in question. We teach the client to react to everyday situations when the plan cannot be followed exactly, either because of work, sports or mental stress.

At the end of the entire program, the client completes an output inbody measurement, and then we recapitulate the achieved goals and progress with the client.