1. The listed prices for personal training sessions do not include the entrance fee to the fitness center for the client.

  2. The agreed training can be canceled no later than 24 hours before its start. In other cases, the client is obliged to pay for the training session in the same way as if it had taken place properly. Later cancellations can only be excused for serious reasons.

  3. Long-term cooperation, stated in the price list, means the purchase of a voucher for at least 10 training lessons

  4. Each client trains at their own risk and it is therefore essential that they consider their health condition and consult their doctor about the suitability of training before starting training. The trainer is not responsible for any health damage to the client.

  5. All payments must be made in advance to the account: 123-7686530277/0100

  6. By paying money to the above-mentioned account, the client also confirms that he has familiarized himself with the terms of cooperation and agrees with them without reservation.


Hydration, or watering the body, is the most essential thing that endurance athletes should address in the field of nutrition. You cannot train for a lack of fluids during sports, and even a small decrease in the amount of water in the body can affect sports performance.

Naše výživové programy vám mohou pomoci přepracovat váš životní styl a dosáhnout výsledků mnohem rychleji než samotný trénink.